Ladies vs. Teddington - At least we won!!!

So we had many hits of target, numerous that just missed the goal but only 1 went in (although a very important one!). It was a pretty miserable day and we haven't played for a few weeks. We played nicely together and some good solid passing and communications. Just not the usual finishing play that we have been used to during this season.

Umpiring was a little off and we all had a slight worry that Lynda was going to get carded at a short corner for arguing with the umpire however it was yet another dodgy decision! Even Coach Michael got told off!

Sophie and Lizzy ended up injured. Sophie with a near perfect central bulge in the middle of her foreheadand and Lizzy with a split thumb! Both were obviously in the wrong as penalties went against them, you go figure!

So all in all we didn't play our usual game, but we won and we tried hard and will have another chance to try again in April.

Things to consider for the future:

  • When things are not going to plan, we need to stay positive with our team players. Not screaming or telling them what they are doing wrong, but supporting them in doing better.
  • We need to work harder in allowing players from other positions to interchange fluidly to other positions during the game, so players from the back or wings moving forward and along, but having the players position they move into, go and fill their position.
  • Try to look for alternatives with our short corners, use the time at the top of the D to talk about something different and not always putting the pressure on Bandit to hit, but trying a bit of a mix up, if things haven't gone to plan.